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The League of Women Voters at the Fourth of July Picnic

Four stern looking ladies sit at the League of Women Voters table

The League of Women Voters ladies are ready to answer all of your questions

Every year The League of Women Voters sets up a table at our town’s Fourth of July Celebration in the park. It is a festive occasion with live music, barbecue, burger and ice cream vendors, classic car exhibitions, fire trucks and rides for children. The event would not be complete without the tables staffed by volunteers from the two major political parties who hand out literature and free watermelon slices in the hopes of retaining visitors long enough to persuade them that their particular political positions and candidates are the ones to support in forthcoming elections.

While I enjoyed the watermelon on this hot summer day, I felt compelled to return to the LMV table. I thought this would be a great opportunity to ask the knowledgeable ladies a few questions about our state’s electoral process. In particular, I wanted them to explain the rational behind the rule that excludes voters who are registered independents from voting in the primary elections.

Illustration by Kim Harris
Story by Don Rudisuhle

I got the feeling my questions annoyed them and they would rather I just went away.

Bigfoot and Chupacabra Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Bigfoot and a Chupcabra are drinking beer

Bigfoot and Chupi Chupacabra quaff a cold one to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Bigfoot and Chupi Chupacabra met at a bar at an isolated location in Mexico to share a cold beer and tell spellbinding stories about their adventures frightening tourists, hikers and bird watchers.

Para celebrar el Cinco de Mayo, el Pie Grande y Chupi Chupacabras se reunieron en una cantina en un sitio aislado en México para compartir una cerveza helada y contar cuentos apasionantes de sus aventuras asustando a turistas, excursionistas y observadores de aves.

Chupacabra Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

A chupacabra dances to a chicken mariachi band

The chicken mariachi band is the life of the fiesta

In a small remote village in the north of Mexico, a lovely lady Chupacabra dances to the rhythm of a chicken mariachi band while her husband strums the classical guitar.

En una pequeña población remota en el norte de México, una hermosa Chupacabras baila al compás de un conjunto de pollos mariachis mientras que su marido rasguea la guitarra clásica.

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