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Cupid’s Valentine’s Day Breakfast

: Cupid is enjoying coffee and a croissant before making his rounds

Cupid enjoys his Valentine’s Day breakfast

Cupid enjoys an extra-large double mocha cappuccino and a chocolate croissant prior to taking flight on his annual quest to spread romance across the cosmos.

Cupid on the Day After

Cupid is at the bar having a post-Valentine's Day drink

Cupid laments unfulfilled expectations of love

The day after Valentine’s Day can be pretty rough when the expectations for love are high but are ultimately not fulfilled.

Maybe we all expect a little too much of Cupid around Valentine’s Day. He is overworked and can only do so much and he takes his failures personally.

Cupid Exceeds his Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight


Cupid eats too many Valentine's Day chocolate and can't get off the ground

Cupid exceeds his maximum gross takeoff weight

Have you already eaten that chocolate candy heart that was meant for your loved one? Don’t feel bad, you are in good company.

Don’t be too disappointed if your romantic dreams remain unfulfilled because of Cupid’s failure to show up this year. It appears that he packed on a few extra pounds binging on cream-filled valentine chocolates and is experiencing trouble getting off the ground because his overindulgence resulted in him exceeding his maximum gross takeoff weight.


Angelo, the Cupid Love Psychic

A retired Cupid is giving advice to the lovelorn over the telephone

Financial pressures from the recession force Cupid out of retirement and into a second career

The tough economy forces yet another senior citizen out of retirement and back into the work force.

Having finally retired after years of service in the matchmaking industry, Cupid hung up his quiver and was looking forward to having time to relax and pursue his favorite hobbies, bowling and hang gliding. However, the recent stock market collapse decimated his savings and left his 401K worth less than a bag of last year’s stale candy hearts. After reading an inspiring article in the AARP monthly magazine about seniors who successfully pursued second careers after retirement, Cupid decided to draw on his extensive experience in matchmaking and set himself up as a telephone love psychic. Now, as Angelo, the Cupid Love Psychic, he is supplementing his meager Social Security income with revenue from giving advice to the lovelorn

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