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The Vintner

A grape man with a hat drinking a class of wine.

François was a changed man following an unfortunate accident at the winery.

François the winemaker was overcome by CO2 gas emanating from the fermenting grape must and fell in the vat. When he was discovered days later by his associates, he was a changed man.

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You have to drink it to know what’s in it

Nancy Pelosi is enjoying a glass of wine in her vineyard

Is she drinking a fine aristocratic Cabernet or taking a daring ride on the commoner’s Night Train?

Anyone who follows politics knows about Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House and a leading proponent of the Health Care Reform Bill that was rushed through Congress in 2009 using the controversial reconciliation process. Many are also aware that she has been involved in the wine business in California for many years as the owner of Zinfandel Lane Vineyard, a producer of premium grapes in St. Helena and also as a major investor in the bulk wine producer, Ernest & Julio Gallo.

One evening we caught a glimpse of Rep. Pelosi enjoying a glass amongst the grapevines in her vineyard. We could not help but wonder, is it a glass of Liparita’s prize-winning Cabernet Sauvignon or is it perhaps a snort of Night Train or Thunderbird, two revolting Ernest & Julio Gallo inebriants typically associated with the bottom rungs of the lowest quartile of the Ninety-Nine Percenters?

Nancy just said “You have to drink it to know what’s in it.

Illustration by Kim Harris
Story by Don Rudisuhle

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